A digital revolution is coming to agriculture

Transforming European agriculture for a sustainable future.

About Us

Our mission: unlocking the potential of digital technologies in agriculture.

Digital agriculture promises to be a transformative force in the agricultural sector, offering the potential to improve sustainability and efficiency while meeting the demands of a growing global population.

At the forefront of this revolution is Precision Agriculture (PA), which focuses on observing, measuring, and responding to crop variability. Using innovative digital technologies, precision agriculture enables farming systems to operate more sustainably and effectively.

Our project aims to reduce the specific skills gap in digital education in agriculture, with a particular focus on Decision Support Systems. It seeks to address the lack of knowledge and information available to both young and adult farmers, who are the end-users, as well as trainers, who act as intermediaries.

2 years
Funded by the Erasmus+ Programme
Digital skills and competences in agriculture
3 member countries of the Erasmus+ programme
7 partners
Coordinated by Ondokuz Mayıs University


EASY4DIGIT Project Aims To

The EASY4DIGIT project aims to develop farmers’ awareness and skills in advanced digital knowledge focused on smart and resilient agriculture.

Facilitate the adoption of digital technologies such as precision farming, data analytics, and automation in the European agriculture sector.

Promote sustainable agriculture practices by leveraging digital technologies.